Spuren und Schatten

Spuren und Schatten (Traces and Shadows)
composition and direction: Mario Verandi
texts by Giordano Bruno
speakers: Ingo Hülsmann, David Steffan, Nadja Martina Schulz, Kerstin Römer, Simona Furlani, Nicole Ohliger, Carlos Franz
bandoneon: Rainer Volkenborn
producer: Götz Naleppa
premiere: Deutschlandradio Kultur 25.01.2002
with the kind support of the electronic music studios of the TU-Berlin.
Spuren und Schatten was selected by DeutschlandRadio Berlin for the 2004 EBU (European Broadcasting Union) Listening Proposals.

Giordano Bruno’s notorious public death in 1600 at the hands of the inquisition in Rome marked the transition from renaissance philosophy to the scientific revolution of the 17th century. The texts used in this piece have been mainly selected from Giordano Bruno’s writing On Magic in which he presents a magical and animistic vision of the world.
The poetic characteristic of Giordano Bruno’s writings provide a framework in which text, music and sound establish methaporical associations between each other. The aim is to encourage the listener to explore the multiple meanings originated from the text-sound relationship. The sound material includes environmental recordings made in Berlin, London, Buenos Aires and Barcelona. There are also bandoneon sounds and melodies which together with the environmental sounds and computer manipulated sounds create a dramatic atmosphere that complements the texts.

This hörstuck is a methaphorical journey across an anima mundi or world-soul inhabited by an infinite number of spirits and demons.

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