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Mario Verandi – Lucent Shore
Released by Play Loud! Productions (Berlin), CD/DL, 2023
Lucent Shores  features Mario Verandi´s electroacoustic music compositions produced between 2002 and 2017 in renowned European institutions such as the ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medien) in Karlsruhe, the INA-GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales) in Paris, the Elektronisches Studio TU-Berlin and the Studio für Elektroakustische Musik at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. Mario Verandi explores with intensity and imagination the use of recognizable sound sources in combination with electronic transformations of these same materials blurring the boundaries between real and abstract soundworld.

Mario Verandi – Eight pieces for the Buchla 100 series
Released by Play Loud! Productions (Berlin), CD/DL,  2021
An album with eight tracks of experimental electronic music created entirely with the historic Buchla 100 series, an extraordinary modular analog synthesizer from early 1960´s available at the Ernst Krenek Forum in Krems, Austria.
Artwork by Juliana Herrero
Mario Verandi– Remansum
Released by Time Released Sound (USA),  LP/CD/DL, 2020
All tracks written, produced and mixed by Mario Verandi
Mario Verandi – piano, digital pianos, guitar, synths and electronic processings
Dina Bolshakova plays cello on tracks 1,4,8,9
Sebastian Selke plays cello on tracks 2,6
Rafael Velasco plays bandoneon on track 6
Mastered by Ian Hagwood
Artwork and packing design by Colin Herrick
Photographs by Kurt Hielsche
Distant Shores Mario Verandi – orillas distantes / distant shores
Released by Electronic Music Foundation (USA), EMF CD 035, 2001
 “Mario Verandi’s music goes beyond music. It’s electronic. It’s also theater, dance, sound art, film, radio. In fact, Verandi has such a strong sense of dramatic personality, and his music is so evocative, that you’ll find yourself in a musical theater. You’ll hear percussion instruments from Brazil. You’ll hear the sounds of Barcelona, with its street bustle, guitars, and rhythms, in your living room. He evokes a kind of flamenco that you’ll rarely hear, with suggestions of guitars, the dancing and tapping of many shoes, the chanting and singing … and uses it to set his musical stage for Lorca’s ‘Blood Wedding’. And there’s a playful side to his music as he plays with the sounds of paper and cloth, glass, leaves, plastic bottles. All the world’s his stage.” EMF Media (Electronic Music Foundation), New York, 2001.
Titles: Evil Fruit / Fréquences de Barcelone / Figuras Flamencas / Heartbreaker / Faces and Intensities / Plastic Water
Review by Laurie Radford for the Computer Music Journal, Winter 2005 Vol.29. read>
Autoctofonías Vol.1 Electroacoustic music by Latinamerican composers
Produced by CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y Artes Sonoras), 2014
work by Mario Verandi on CD: Aires Lejanos
20 jahre inventionen VI
Released by Edition RZ ed.RZ 10016 (2007)
work by Mario Verandi on the CD: Comme un jeu des images
Alma Latina / Electroacoustic Music from Latin America
Released by Lontano Records – Lorelt LNT113 (2001)
work by Mario Verandi on CD: Dancescape
35 years berlin-artists-programm
Releaased by DAAD-ed.RZ – Parallele 20002 (2001)
work by Mario Verandi on the CD: Plastic Water
Inventionen 2000
Ed. RZ 10012-13 2CD (Parallele 12-13). Catalogue with 2 CDs (2000)
work by Mario Verandi on the CD: Evil Fruit
Radioacustica – Selected 2011
Vltava / Czech Radio 3
work by Mario Verandi on CD: Noise Networks
DVD – Zukunftsmusik, Festival innovativer Musik in der KulturRegion Stuttgart 2010
Radioacustica – Selected 2006
Vltava / Czech Radio 3
work by Mario Verandi on CD: Prague – imaginary fragments
casa abierta – open house exhibition catalogue
Catalogue for the Contemporary Argentinean Art exhibition at the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in London, 2006. Curator: Gabriela Salgado (Tate Modern London)
work by Mario Verandi: The Neigbouring Shore
tesla 2005-2007
published by alexander verlag berlin, 2010
book that documents tesla artistic projects and artists involved from 2005 to 2007
work by Mario Verandi: Paranormal Radio
Premio SGAE International de Música Electroacústica
SGAE, Madrid (2004) PROO83
work by Mario Verandi on CD: De voces, diálogos y ausencias (On voices, dialogues and absences)
Sonic Circuits VII
innova recordings (1999), American Composers Forum, USA
work by Mario Verandi on the CD: Figuras Flamencas
Oui-Dire, Radiophonic Art
SACEM /La Muse en Circuit, France (1997)
work by Mario Verandi on the CD: Fréquences de Barcelone
Cultures Electroniques / 9 Serie GMEB/UNESCO/CIME
LDC 278060/61 (1997), Mnemosyne
work by Mario Verandi on the CD: Figuras Flamencas
II Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, Brazil (1995)
work by Mario Verandi on the CD: Figuras Flamencas
Memorias Electroacústicas Vol. 1
Presencia de Luigi Nono
CD-7 UM/Unió Músics (1992)
work by Mario Verandi on the CD: A Través (Across)
Premi Ciej De Noves Experiencies Musicals Electròniques
(Prize Ciej Prize of new electronic music experiences)
Audiovisuals Sarria, Barcelona, 1989
Vinyl, LP, Album
work by Mario Verandi on Vinyl: Vision

All works © SGAE/Mario Verandi