Plastic Water

Plastic Water
eight-channel composition
duration: 9min
commissioned by Klangwerkstatt
premiered at Klangwerkstatt Festival at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, 10.11.2000

Included on the CD orillas distantes / distant shores

The sounds used in this composition are recordings of water sounds and different improvisations that I played on a plastic bottle, squashing and crushing it in such a way as to produce different rhythmic sequences. Those original sounds were edited, processed, and combined with additional abstract material that was generated through spectral manipulations and time expansion /compression techniques. The sounds were then positioned and made to move through space using the Sigma 1 (APB Tools Berlin) System available at TU-Studios Berlin. This is a stereo version of the original eight-channel piece, composed with the assistance of Folkmar Hein. It was produced at the Electroacoustic Music Studios in the Berlin Technical University.