Eight pieces for the Buchla 100 series

Eight pieces for the Buchla 100 series (album)
released by Play Loud! Productions (Berlin), CD/DL, 12.11.2021, pl-122
with the support of the Ernst Krenek Institut, Austria
all tracks composed, mixed and mastered by Mario Verandi
artwork by Juliana Herrero

An album with eight tracks of experimental electronic music created entirely with the historic Buchla 100 series, an extraordinary modular analog synthesizer from early 1960´s available at the Ernst Krenek Forum in Krems, Austria. During an artist-in residency program, Mario Verandi explored the endless sound possibilities of this rare and extraordinary instrument. The historic Buchla 100 series modular synthesizer was buit by Don Buchla in California in early 1960´s. An instrument intended for electronic music performance that together with the Moog Modular is one of the most important synthesizers in the history of electronic music.

Interview at the Ernst Krenek Forum

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