De voces, diálogos y ausencias

De voces, diálogos y ausencias (On voices, dialogues and absences)
duration: 14min
mention II SGAE Prize for Electroacoustic Music (Spain)

This work is mainly based on recordings of a vocal improvisation realised by a German actor. The improvisation was directed and planned by the composer. A graphic score was created in order to give indications of dynamics, tempo, moods, expression etc. The actor improvised with spoken texts as well as with vocal and guttural sounds. These recordings were manipulated and processed on the computer using diverse techniques. Words and sentences were fragmented and reassembled in different sequences. My aim was to work with the sonic and emotional content of the spoken texts rather than with their semantics. Techniques such as brassage and granular synthesis were central to generating the sound material I was looking for. In addition, the original recordings were also processed using several computer software to generate a wide spectrum of sound material. Other sound materials included some percussion instruments such as bongos, snare-drums and triangles. These sounds were heavily processed on the computer to generate new and abstract sounds that complement and contrast the vocal sound material. The piece explores the vocal sonority and expressivity of an actor and aims to extend these qualities using computer software. A ‘narrative’ is originated from a human voice striving to communicate emotions without making use of language.