The Neighbouring Shore

The Neighbouring Shore
…the ephemeral vibration of sounds echo a fragile presence

multichannel sound installation
premiere: Latin American Art Show at the Bolivar Hall, London, 09-21.11.1998
exhibited at the “casa abierta – open house” exhibition of Contemporary Argentinean Art in 2006 at the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in London.
curator: Gabriela Salgado (Tate Modern London)
artists: Jorge Caterbetti,Leandro Erlich,León Ferrari, Artmongers,Jorge Gumier Maier,Julio Le Parc,Leonel Luna,Jorge Macchi, Jorge & Lucy Orta,Pablo Reinoso,Diana Schufer, Mónica Van Asperen and Mario Verandi
The Neighbouring Shore is part of the University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art, UK.
This piece consist of four sound postcards portraying four different locations in Argentina.

Environmental and abstract sounds are manipulated and assembled on the computer to create a fabric of sonic images at the verge of recognition and ambiguity.
Four scenes that continuously emerge and vanish like blurred memories of absent places and events.
During the exhibition of at the Argentine Embassy in London, eight small loudspeakers were hidden in different places around the wide entrance hall of the Embassy; behind window curtains, sofas and mirrors. Each sound postcard was assigned to a pair of loudspeakers. Volume was adjusted in a way that visitors had to stand relatively close to the area in which hidden loudspeakers were placed.
Each sound postcard is inspired by and metaphorically associated to an Argentinean text belonging to a book or a popular song.

Catalogue text by Gabriela Salgado (English / Spanish)